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Beauty is all around us!

Founded in 1985, Paint Tacoma-Pierce Beautiful (PTPB) organizes volunteer crews each summer to paint the exteriors of homes of low-income, elderly and disabled homeowners in Tacoma and other communities throughout Pierce County.

Since 1985, nearly 2,200 houses have been painted. This year, we plan to paint 27 more!

Make our community more beautiful by donating!

We are in need of supplies to accomplish our mission of beautifying Tacoma and Pierce County! You can help paint Tacoma and Pierce beautiful by donating to help us purchase paint and other supplies.

Supplies We Need

Other ways to help

Gather your friends, family, group members, or coworkers to form a Paint Crew to help paint! You can also register individually and we'll place you with a house!

You can also help sponsor this event. For more information on sponsorships, please see the sponsorship area for details.

Join as a Paint Crew Individual Volunteer Sponsorship

Donations will help us purchase the following items

Help us paint Tacoma - Pierce Beautiful!

Paint and Primer $500

Paint and primer

body/trim paint ($30 per gallon - 10 gallons per home)

primer ($30 per gallon - 5 gallos per home)

door paint ($18 per quart - 1 quart per home)

porch / deck paint ($30 per gallon - 1 gallon per home)

Painting Supplies $150

Painting supplies

large & small paint screens ($12)

roller trays + liners ($18)

smaller roller frames + covers ($11)

large roller frames + covers ($60)

large & small brushes ($44)

5-in-1 tool ($5)

Prep Materials $50

Prep materials

painters paper + tape + duct tape ($12)

paint key + paint + putty scrappers ($26)

sanding blocks + wire brushes ($12)

Protection Gear $50

Protection gear

roll heavy plastic sheeting + fabric drop cloth ($10)

dust masks + shoe covers ($40)

The supplies above include the cost of each per house in reference to each individual items' average cost at your local store.

We are a 501(c)3 organization and we will gladly acknowledge your donation. Please note that donations are subject to needs, availability of storage, etc. For further details, please contact Wendy Morris at (253) 426-1501 or email

Thank you to our sponsors

For their generous funding and support, we thank the City of Tacoma, Florence B. Kilworth Foundation, Exchange Club of Tacoma, and our 2016 sponsors:

Columbia Bank
Habitat for Humanity
Gray Lumber Company
Sherwin Williams
Wellness Made Easy

We appreciate any donations and sponsorships. If you would like to help sponsor us this year, please contact Wendy Morris at (253) 383-3056 x117 or email